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Fox Holler is the name of a spot that can be found on the land that co-founder Danny Borries grew up on. Memories were made there with his family that have defined who he is and how important the outdoors are to him now. He grew up hunting, fishing, and learning from his father how to live a sustainable lifestyle and give back to the land.​

Fox Holler Coffee is an extension of that mindset as is in touch with the lifestyle that many Central Illinois rural Americans know. Coffee happens to be something that most of us all share and rely on to get through our day, but also, once you’ve been introduced to the experience of delicious and aromatic coffee that is being enjoyed within a week of being roasted, can be a small addition to enjoying life that much more.  Coffee is there for us in our homes to offer friends and loved ones a chance to dive into great conversations, or for some, it's there on the earliest of mornings making your stealthy sit in the woods a warm sanctuary.  To many, it is one of the first things we always make time for to help us start our day, so why not allow for the highest quality of flavor, aroma, and enjoyment.  

If you can’t find fresh quality roasted coffee, why not roast it yourself? Danny Borries and Seth Wilson decided to combine their love of the outdoors and the rural community they live in with the importance of enjoying a quality and sustainably roasted cup of coffee. They believe that it’s crucial to supply the residents of their region with an opportunity to learn more about the coffee they are consuming and encouraging everyone, whether they live in town or out in the country, to drink coffee that makes them happy everyday. People deserve to drink fresh coffee. Period. 


There is a whole world of amazing craft coffee out there and infinite room to discover new possibilities. Roasting is a craft that only gets better with time involving technique as well as a creative approach that can accentuate a depth of flavors from a single fair trade sourced bean. Coffee only holds its best flavor within the first 2 weeks of being roasted and many people only know the taste of mass produced stale coffee grounds.  Fox Holler takes pride in sustainability and strives to supply every rural and small town coffee drinker with an amazing, fresh, and local cup of coffee from beans that are roasted by the hands of people who care.

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