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Fox Holler is a craft coffee roastery that strives to bring an innovative coffee experience to the rural Southern Illinoisan. We offer an elevated experience of coffee at-home as well as provide drive thru coffee locations for delicious coffee on-the-go with an ever changing, co-creatively curated, signature and seasonal drink menu.

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Collaborations have been at the heart of our business from the start including our bagged coffee available at a number of local retail establishments, other restaurant/bars serving our cold brew or hot coffee, and delicious baked goods and treats offered daily at both of our drive-thru locations

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Giving back to our community is important to everyone at Fox Holler Coffee. In 2021, we started the Heart of the Holler program, donating a portion of the sale of every bag of freshly roasted coffee to a different local charity or locally-funded cause each month.

Fox holler (both locations) is such a gem in this community. They are always creating new, innovative, delicious drinks. Iโ€™m never bored with my order & never disappointed! The pride they put into their coffee is so evident in the way the staff interact with each other and with customers. It truly makes my morning to drive thru!

-Rachel Goldstein Thoele

Stopped by this weekend and grabbed a nitro cold brew. Talk about one tasty drink! Will be back again for more.


Each drink I get here tastes like a whole other food, for example: cake flavored? nothing artificial tasting at all! It fully tastes like I’m drinking cake! Going here will reinvent how you view coffee as a whole.

-Google user: "Off Topic"