February 06, 2023


How we started.

Co-founders Danny Borries and Seth Wilson sought out to dive into the world of craft coffee when they purchased their first coffee roaster in 2019.  Before the realities of our multiple drive thru coffee locations, they just started experimenting with the flavors of beans and selling bags to their friends and family.  What started as a side hustle has grown into an ever evolving creative endeavor with a full staff of knowledgeable baristas. They had a sweet spot for dark roasts starting out with roasting Colombia, Sumatra, and Brazil beans. They created their signature cold brew roast and recipe and started hand delivering growlers of cold brew to people’s door step! On a small scale, they honed in their new skills roasting unique and flavorful beans and enjoying the perks of having the freshest coffee on hand everyday.

During lockdown in June of 2020, we opened our first drive thru location in Teutopolis, IL at the four way stop as a pop-up shop within Teutopolis Treats.  We were able to open each morning before the ice cream shop opened each day to start serving our signature cold brew on tap and several roasts of hot coffee.  Our drink menu has grown each year with our own baristas coming up with drinks to serve the demands of our customers.  Word of mouth in a small town served our new swanky pop-up coffee drive thru well as we started building more and more of a customer base.

Now, we have had our own brick and mortar repurposed building in Effingham on South Banker Street and had started selling enough of our coffee to upgrade to a larger capacity roaster and establish our headquarters. Our building use to be a car garage!  We built a separation wall made of rustic repurposed wood to have a full functioning “barista bay” and now full kitchen where customers can pull through our garage door to order their drinks and breakfast.

Our team is made up of several driven, passionate, and creative people who have dedicated time to curating the quality of all that we serve.  Understanding espresso and grind, establishing our drink recipes, and constantly creating outside of the box specialty drinks has led us to where we are now.  We put a strong focus on the freshness of our coffee which enhances your brew at home and carries over to every drink we serve.  Our cold brew, espresso, and drip coffee is all ground fresh with attention to detail directly from our roastery.