August 07, 2023


Guide to Buying Ground Coffee

Our goal as a roastery is to produce the highest quality tasting single origin beans ethically sourced from around the world.  Then, after our beans are roasted, our business provides a platform for you to have access to enjoying the experience of delicious and locally roasted coffee the way you desire.  So let’s talk about grind.  To the novice, it can be tricky to understand the many ways to brew your own coffee at home.  When you purchase a bag of coffee beans at one of our drive thru locations or from our online store, you can choose from whole beans so that you can grind your own coffee at home or we will happily grind them for you to any fineness.

We want to lay out the grind sizes that we offer when you purchase a bag of coffee from us and what purpose they each serve. Typically, there are four popular at home brewing methods that match up to the grinds that we offer. If you are buying coffee from our online store, you will be prompted to choose a grind before adding a roast to your cart.

What brewing methods match each grind?

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Whole Bean:

You can purchase any coffee grinder to keep at home for grinding your own coffee beans fresh as you go. This guide will also help you understand what type of grind to use for each brewing method.

Coarse Grind:

Two of our favorite brewing methods require course ground beans. Cold brew and French Press. Both of these methods are very simple and provide two completely different ways to enjoy your coffee at home.  For cold brew lovers, this opens up a world of making your own iced coffee at home where you can experiment with different roasts by just steeping coarse ground beans overnight with any mesh metal filter and glass container (like a mason jar) or store bought cold brew maker. For French press hot coffee, hot water is poured over course coffee grounds, stirred, steeped for 5 minutes, and enjoyed. All you need is a French press coffee brewer, course ground coffee, boiling water, and a spoon to stir.

Auto Drip:

This is a medium fineness of grind that is used for your conventional coffee pot at home. We also use this grind to make our hot drip coffee at our drive thru locations.  If you are more familiar with a regular coffee pot at home or a refillable Keurig pod, this is the grind choice for you.  Typically, just add 1 scoop of coffee ground per cup of coffee you’d like to make into a filter, fill your machine with water, and voila!

Fine Grind:

This is where we meet pour over coffee.  The method of brewing pour over coffee is summed up by your coffee grounds being fine enough so that when you pour hot water directly through, you have a light well-balanced brew with loads of texture.  Unlike a French press where grounds are soaked in hot water and separated, the fineness of your coffee grounds for the pour over method allow the water to pass right through after steeping briefly and extracting the most desired flavors.

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Look out for a post explaining a how-to for each of the brewing methods we’ve discussed in this article.  If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message through the contact form on our website!