Our Story

A passion for great coffee

We started roasting small batch coffee in 2019 to provide quality coffee to friends and family. Now flash forward in three small years, the community we have grown has allowed us to open two coffee drive-thru locations, serve an extensive coffee menu, sell retail bagged coffee at several local stores, and roast more bags of green coffee every year!

What does a cup of coffee mean to us?

You take a good cup of coffee with you on an early morning hunt to awaken your senses and keep your hands and face warm.  You bring a thermos with you hiking alone or with family to soak in the beauty of nature.  Creatively, when you need motivation, good coffee can inspire you to finish that big project or ignite collaboration.  Lastly,  coffee is a shared love by many that can spark a sense of community and togetherness. For Fox Holler, we turned our love of good coffee into something we could share with our rural community to enrich people’s lives.


what's in the name?

Fox Holler is the name of a real holler on the land co-founder Danny Borries grew up on. Memories were made in Fox Holler when it became the first place he was taken to hunt with his dad.  The memories he made growing up defined who he is and how important the outdoors are to him now. Both owners, Danny and Seth, share a love of the outdoors whether it’s deer hunting, turkey hunting, or fishing on the river.  They have an upmost appreciation for the idea of harvesting food from the land and working with your hands to create something of substance.  This was one of the reasons they decided to start roasting craft coffee.

Fox Holler Coffee is an extension of that mindset – reflecting a lifestyle that many rural Americans know. Coffee happens to be something that most of us all share and rely on to get through our day. Coffee is there for us in our homes to offer friends and loved ones a chance to dive into conversations, or for some, it’s there on the earliest of mornings making their stealthy sit in the woods a warm sanctuary. To many, it is one of the first things they make time for in the morning, so why not allow for it to become a more meaningful experience?

Where We are Going

We are ever evolving the accessibility of our coffee beans and forms it can be enjoyed and shared.  Community involvement is important to us through our Heart of the Holler charitable program as well as getting out and connecting with more coffee lovers in our region. We are soon to have another temporary location on the north side of town with our new coffee trailer.  Follow our social media pages for constant updates on all the ways we are growing and all the ways you can enjoy good coffee.

Fox holler (both locations) is such a gem in this community. They are always creating new, innovative, delicious drinks. I’m never bored with my order & never disappointed! The pride they put into their coffee is so evident in the way the staff interact with each other and with customers. It truly makes my morning to drive thru!

-Rachel Goldstein Thoele

Stopped by this weekend and grabbed a nitro cold brew. Talk about one tasty drink! Will be back again for more.


Each drink I get here tastes like a whole other food, for example: cake flavored? nothing artificial tasting at all! It fully tastes like I’m drinking cake! Going here will reinvent how you view coffee as a whole.

-Google user: "Off Topic"