Roasting is a craft that gets better with time, evolving techniques, and experimentation.

With a creative approach, you can accentuate a huge depth of flavors from a single sustainably sourced bean. Coffee holds its best flavor for the first two weeks of being roasted. Many people only know the taste of mass produced, stale coffee grounds.

Fox Holler takes pride in quality and strives to supply every rural and small-town coffee drinker with an amazing, fresh, and local cup of coffee from beans roasted by the hands of people who care.

Hit one of our drive-thru locations or prep your own coffee at home with a French Press, pour-over, or drip machine – Fox Holler allows you to start your day with the highest quality of flavor, aroma, and enjoyment.

We offer several single origin coffees that can be purchased at our drive up window locations or ordered here online.  Request your beans ground to any particular fineness to match your method of brewing.  Our beans are always packaged fresh straight from our roastery to your hands.  Watch out on our social media accounts for more details on each roast.  We follow a paw print system on our coffee bags that indicate how light or dark we have roasted a particular bean.

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Order here -or- purchase your favorite roast at our drive-thru window and we will grind our coffee fresh for you in-house.

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Flavored Bean Options

Maple Walnut | Apple Cider | Pumpkin Spice | Pecan Praline | Brown Sugar | Irish Cream | Waffle Cone | French Vanilla | Mocha | Caramel | Butter Pecan | Hazelnut | English Toffee |

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Cold Brew

Refill your growler or howler at any Fox Holler Drive Thru location